Sunshine State

This summer I've been extremely busy - working two jobs non stop to save up for school. During the first week of August, I was lucky enough to get away for a few days to Osheaga, the music festival in Montreal. It was so surreal to see my favourite artists like Vampire Weekend, The Cure and Beck all in one space, while also discovering new talent. I wore dramatic fringe, loose layers and draped silhouettes while I brought out my inner Stevie Nicks. My friend Janine and I were caught by a fab Montreal magazine, Cult, seen here on the street after some shopping.

We snapped tons of photos of our festival wear, but unfortunately on the train ride home my sweet baby (my Canon camera) was lost. While still reeling from the loss of my one prized possession and all of the memories on it, I promptly left a week later for a family trip to Florida with my mom's point and shoot. I'm still hoping my camera is out there waiting to be found, but while I wait in vain I wanted to share my photos from the trip... Enjoy this very photo-heavy post!

My outfits weren't as adventurous as those at Osheaga, as the weather was swelteringly hot (actually my favourite) so I lived in soft cottons and sandals. However, I did love what I wore to Disney World...
I'm wearing my favourite vintage dress, a little 50s number found in a shop in Montreal a few years back. I paired it with my new cat eyes from Target, my pink Spring purse and my absolute favourite rubber heart shoes, a Vivienne Westwood knock off of these babies. I thought it made for a lovely pastel look, which was perfect for Florida as all of the hotels and buildings are pastel shades, from bubblegum pink to baby blue.

Onto the photos... we went to Disney, SeaWorld, Universal Studios (I nearly died of joy at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter) and Clearwater beach. Here's a medley of the photos of the week. Check out the alligator in our backyard!

 We ended the week with a trip to Clearwater beach. I'm wearing my new favourite swim suit that Janine found in a vintage shop during our Osheaga trip. Normally I shy away from one pieces, as I'm more of a "if you got it flaunt it" kind of girl, but we were both drooling over it. After I tried it on, she concluded that I should have it. (Thank god, or I would have robbed her for it anyway.) It's incredibly flattering and fits me to a T. I matched it with a no-mess head wrap and some huge earrings, my beach necessities. As we were packing up to leave, I watched as thunder clouds started to roll in... And that's all she wrote. Florida, you were lovely.


  1. Fun photos! And I want that big 'paradise' sign hanging in my bedroom. So cool.

  2. Sorry to ear about your camera =[ but it look like you had some fun! love your dress the colors together are awesome!

  3. I genuinely adore your outfit here, you look freakin amazing! And these pictures are all so gorgeous too, sorry to hear things are a bit hectic, but thanks for writing this post, it's given me lots of inspiration!

  4. Great shots even for a point and shoot ;) Orlando is always fun and your swimsuit is adorable!


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  6. Obsessed with the dress you have on! So cute :) xx Mehar




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