This past week was Toronto Fashion Week, where the cognoscenti of Canadian fashion flocked to David Pecaut Square to witness the runways and the style. Being a fashion student, I had the incredible privilege of being invited to several shows! It was an amazing opportunity that I've been dreaming of since I fell in love with fashion at the tender, awkward age of 12 when I would glue photos from Teen Vogue to my wall. And luckily enough, my apartment is two streets away from where it was being held.

School conflicted with shows several times (whoever decided to place midterms during fashion week is seriously misguided) so I wasn't able to go to as many as I hoped - but I did catch 4 altogether. On my first day I saw the Sid Neigum show, which was simplistic with intricate laser-cut details. I was wearing a beautiful vintage dress I picked up from my work at Mama Loves You Vintage. I love the super high slit (which made it difficult to sit down at the show without exposing a little too much). It has a built in corset that required me to tape down my chest, and intense boning that left some cuts on my back... but I was willing to suffer for that dress because it was so beautiful. I paired it with some lovely borrowed Zara heels.

On my second day, I caught 3 shows in succession. I was wearing my favourite Topshop bubblegum pink PVC skirt, an Asos snakeprint skirt as a top, Forever 21 leather jacket on top and Forever 21 platforms. I originally wanted to wear my favourite single sole black stilettos but they literally snapped when I tried them on an hour before the shows. I'm heartbroken! It shows how much I've been wearing them.

I brought my friend Erin whose use of neon is always perfectly on point.

On arrival, I was snapped by some street style photographers from Dose.ca (seen here) and Unlabelled.co! I was so excited.

The first was Thomas Balint, a menswear show with perfectly tailored layering. After Thomas Balint, I caught the Cara Cheung studio show, which was on a smaller runway and featured some seriously sexy dresses - sheer mesh cutouts in black and white that I would have loved to take home with me.

Finally, my last show of the week was Stephan Carras. Here's my Instagram video of the finale...

Now that the week is over, I'm nursing my poor tired feet who've been exposed to all kinds of torture and healing my under eye circles that are dark enough to pass as bruises. But I'm still revelling in my elation over the fact that I actually made it to Toronto Fashion Week. 


  1. Love your nails and the pink of that skirt xx


  2. The dress really is beautiful! Love it :)

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